Title: Client.exe is not responding (PC) [Print this page]

Author: yo_mama    Time: 2018-7-24 06:12
Title: Client.exe is not responding (PC)
The game works good untiel i need to sign in with google or facebook i tried them both and they dont work its just saying "Client.exe is not responding" and i cant join
any solutions? (i know my english is bad)

Author: Bykalakhd    Time: 2018-7-24 12:57
Hello yo_mama,

the developers are aware about this issue and they are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience, please kindly be patient until they solve the issue
Author: BraianV8    Time: 2018-12-1 12:06
Tengo el mismo el problema de "Client.exe" dejo de funcionar, necesito que me ayuden a solucionarlo. Gracias!!
Author: CH44L1    Time: 2019-1-29 15:20
i had an account but i can't play (client.exe is not responding )
Author: alisahwilson    Time: 2019-9-14 06:11
Edited by alisahwilson at 2019-9-14 06:13

Wow, an awesome game and I love to play all type of games.
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Author: ChloeMon    Time: 2020-3-20 06:08
Title: Client exe is not responding PC
I tried to PM a couple of the so called administrators and I get a notice that they did not use this mail service.  Great, Administrators that you cannot contact. Ken
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