Title: Loading Screen error [Print this page]

Author: Vania    Time: 2018-7-6 12:48
Title: Loading Screen error
I try on i5 661 VGA 1 Gb , Ram 4 Gb game work
and i try on Core2Duo E8400 VGA 1Gb Ram 4 Gb i have problem game cannot loding and stuck

How Fix This Problem  ?

Author: Moa    Time: 2018-7-6 14:18
Hello Vania.

Have you tried to re-install the game? Try to download new client, perform a complete re-installation (complete uninstall your current client via control panel, delete your Creative Destruction folder, and then re-install the game).
Please let us know the result.
Author: Vania    Time: 2018-7-6 20:49
I've tried to download, uninstall and install in the new folder, install on another computer core2duo specification but the results are the same
Ask for the best solution to this problem thanks

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