Title: From Newbie To Pro in Assault Rifles [Print this page]

Author: Royal.Ninja    Time: 2018-7-27 04:22
Title: From Newbie To Pro in Assault Rifles
Edited by Royal.Ninja at 2018-8-3 22:35

Hello Fellow Explorers as I know we all love Assualt Rifles, Assualt Rifles is a great weapon for mid range and close range fights

In this thread i will cover 4 Assault Rifles and the damage they deal and which one is best for you.

so here we go


+3 indicates burst mode in which gun fires 3 bullets  



So from the stas we know legendary AK47 deals a massive damage but if you are pro VHS is best then becuase VHS is a burst mode weapon which menas
it fires 3 bullet. So even if you have a uncommon VHS You can deal 231 DAMAGE on a headshot which is a massive amount of damage enmey with sheild
or without sheild it doesn't matter.

On stabilty side I would go with Scar as the kickback of scar is very less and its easy to aim on enmy when your enemy is very close to you and you need
to spray those bullets.

And about XM8 its okay not so good to be honest as the kickback of XM8 is very bad and its not very good.

So tell me which is your favorite Assualt Rifle in comments and Why and on what topic should my next thread be on Snipers or  Smgs

Hope you like my Thread

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