Title: How to record the screen in iOS [Print this page]

Author: eins628    Time: 2019-1-31 07:33
Title: How to record the screen in iOS
How to record the screen in iOS:

When you have too much payment receipts iniTunes, sometimes it is hard to take all screenshots. Here is a tool which canhelp you record all the screenshots of your transaction history more correctlyand easily.

LICEcap.rar (197.86 KB, Downloads: 287)

Open the file named licecap.exeand drag thewindow to cover the bill information.

Then press the button thebottom right corner and input the name of the file you want to save.

Next, slowly drag the sidebar of iTunespage to the BOTTOM to record ALL the purchasing details on related pages (fullscreen of each page) and click the Stop button to finish recording.

Author: DANIELriquelme    Time: 2019-2-28 15:41
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