Title: High and low temperature impact test chamber [Print this page]

Author: wyd1014    Time: 2021-10-9 00:19
Title: High and low temperature impact test chamber
High and low temperature impact test chamber

High and low temperature impact test chamber, hot and cold impact test chamber, high and low temperature impact test box, is a necessary test equipment necessary for metal, plastics, electronic and other materials, applied to test material structure or composite material, after a sudden The degree of endurance in the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and very low temperature is obtained, and the chemical change or physical damage caused by thermoforing cold shrinkage in the shortest time. The high and low temperature impact test chamber is mainly based on the needs of the trial and the test standards into three boxes and two boxes. The difference is that the three boxes are mainly divided into cold room, heat storage room. The laboratory, the product is placed in the laboratory when the product is tested. The two boxes are divided into high-temperature rooms with low temperature rooms, mainly by moving baskets to achieve high and low temperature switches, and the product is placed in the basket, which is moving along with the basket.

1. Adopting the most advanced explosive handle of Europe and the United States, more easy to operate, the design of the new arc shape, the appearance of the appearance, beautiful style

2, the high and low temperature impact test chamber is the most advanced metering device, the controller uses a large color liquid crystal personal touch conversation-type LCD human-machine interface controller, and it is simple to operate, easy to learn, English shows complete System operation status, execution, and set program curve.

3, can be set independently, the function of different conditions of high temperature, low temperature and hot and cold shocks is set, and when performing cold and hot impact conditions, the function of the dosage or the tank and the cold and the heat shock can be selected. , Function with high and low temperature testing machine

4, high and low temperature impact test equipment is divided into high temperature tanks and low temperature box test box, using unique heat-saving structures and heat storage effect, test chamber is completely stationary when testing, applied cold air The switching method will be cold and thermally introduced into the test area to achieve a hot and hot impact test.

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