Title: New Classic Map Update Notice [Print this page]

Author: eins628    Time: 2019-2-28 22:09
Title: New Classic Map Update Notice

    To improve the overall quality of the game and experience of explorers, our team released the brand-new classic map on both PC and mobile platform on 25th October last year. In the past few months, 80% of which voiced that the new map has been ameliorated greatly in graphics, scenes and loot distribution comparing to the old one. Meanwhile, we also received tons of ardent feedback from explorers about graphics quality, adaptation and device compatibility of the new classic map. Since continuously, we have been putting our best effort to optimize the game and to achieve our goal. We have removed the classic map permanently from PC platform on 21st December last year, at present, we have as well made the decision to remove the classic map from a mobile platform on 28th February. Let’s dive into the details behind this decision, what we’re working on and where we see the new classic map in the near future.  
    The change of this update is tremendous, in which the overall graphics have been strengthened in every single detail. The new update uses the brand new Physically Based Rendering, which reaches the next generation quality. Grass, flower, and leaf are going to be a lot more vivid and vibrant. The ubiquitous light effects are going to make the overall game look more realistic. And as such, this could add more enjoyment and varieties to the battle. For example, players can either adopt frontal attack or ambush to craft their way to victory.

    More terrains such as forest, desert, snowy mountains, hills, and oasis are coming as well. Based on the current landforms and weather systems, the new update will raise the classic map to a completely different level. All models are refined and will be optimized in Three-Dimension. The richer scenery is going to render the battle environment much more diverse. Players can, therefore, capitalize on different terrains to create traps, outwit and outgun their enemies in an unexpected manner.

    The primary goal of optimizing new classic map is to bring explorers an exquisite graphics quality while maintaining the advantages of class map’s performance, solve problems that are most often reported as lag, glitch, and delay. In other words, explorers could now experience similar FPS on a new classic map comparing to the old one. To achieve that, we have developed graphics styles that are more precisely, offered a different texture and painting effects for different devices, also used new technology to adjust the details of characters in distant dynamically. Moreover, we have ameliorated the rendering parameters, which will bring lower draw call to low-end devices and therefore improve the game experience in the battlefield. For the user of es2.0, we offered a more succinct version to keep a nice experience of low power consumption and high fluency.
At present, under low graphics settings, the explorers using SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 could run the game smoothly in the FPS over 40. For more details, check the video below.
If you have any doubts, let us know! We will give you feedback ASAP!

Author: Champion    Time: 2019-3-1 07:39
Add both maps, and see for yourself. Even when both maps were in the game everyone played old map, you guys are pushing your decisions to the players
Author: SargentSlayz    Time: 2019-3-1 15:49
You are wrong the graphics are terrible and you blurred them.... it really is bad you guys better listen to most players and bring back the old map... this is pathetic... that 80% is brain dead.
Author: lolhhh    Time: 2019-3-23 02:20
Hey, it's a very good fortnite like game but just one thing, PLEASE add advanced graphics settings

Author: Terror53    Time: 2019-3-24 12:48
I came here to see if the old map is back. Apparently its not. I guess I wont reinstall this game. Honestly, why do you keep on ignoring your players? This map looks like crap
Author: NINJA_CD    Time: 2019-4-22 09:05
You should do this :
1.Bring Back Old Map or Adjust the FPS into 60
2.Make custom room buys with Coins And Star Coins or Create Playground Mode

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