Title: cant play solo classic mode cant enter the game [Print this page]

Author: Pretty_Lorein    Time: 2018-7-30 05:05
Title: cant play solo classic mode cant enter the game
i almost cant play solo classic mode... it takes me 20-30 mins just  to join in.......could you fix this problem.........or just remove the bots so anyone can enter...
Author: Dill    Time: 2018-7-30 13:30
If you're playing mobile the problem could just be because of what phone you're using. If it's android try re-installing the apk. If iPhone then just try to reinstall or soft-reset the app. But sense you didn't fill out the information I'm not really sure what device you're using or even which server. making this very difficult for me to help you.
Author: Pretty_Lorein    Time: 2018-8-3 00:58
i have filled up those blank yet it appeared ign is pretty_lorein and im not playing in a phone im using computer.......
Author: Kizom    Time: 2018-8-3 07:24
this is because the game is divided by ranks, high rank players do not play with low rank, as there are not many high rank players makes it difficult to find matches
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DiscordHome is a discord listing website, find discord servers and communities here! You can advertise, hire, post resumes and find partners for your discord server. Nsfw discord ​- Visit our site for more information, Thank You.
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It’s time to make your flooring decision! If you still have questions, our team at Virgin carpet ​and Flooring is always happy to address any concerns you may still have about LVT or LVP flooring.
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Mayflower Limo Specialize in airport transfers while providing premier vehicles and vetted drivers. So whether you’re traveling from Denver Airport to Breckenridge or Breckenridge to Denver Airport, we will be glad to help. Because when you go with Mayflower Limo, there will be no false claims, no deceptions, and no hidden fees; only honestly, transparency, and the unmatched transportation services you deserve.        Denver Airport to Breckenridge
Author: nushra45    Time: 2022-1-8 14:46
Longview Home Inspection LLC is a certified property inspector based in Longview, TX who offers the best residential commercial property inspection services        Certified Property Inspectors Longview TX

Author: samef77446    Time: 2022-1-9 05:50
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