Title: Remover Flamethrower or not [Poll] [Print this page]

Author: SirPepe    Time: 2019-3-4 05:55
Title: Remover Flamethrower or not [Poll]

Im making this posty just to see the result of the poll, wheter players want to keep it or if its about time to let this baby go/ or nerf it.

Thing is, this gun is ridiculosly powerfull within short range, you basically stand no chance even with full shield and healt versus a guy with a flamethrower. Most of the time i die in the game, especially Solo, its to the flamethrower.  This game, is based on skill, and I consider myself pretty decent in this game, but that flamethrower makes people dont need to build, be smart or anything, just get close to you for a couple seconds and they kill you. We already got the insanely cowardly Photon emitter, we dont need 2 guns this style....

Hope you do one of the two suggestions.

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