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Author: zero    Time: 2018-8-16 06:09
Title: Battle Looks (Rewards!)
Design an Amazing Look and Win Star Coins! ;D

Design a Hat, Decoration, Top, Bottom, anything you can imagine ;)

Create the ideal look that represents you!

(Please read the requirements before submitting)

【Event Time]
Aug. 16th ~ Sept. 3rd (Extended)


1. Design must be self-made, related to CD, and non-copyrighted.
(All tools for design are acceptable, for example drawings and digital designs)

2. Provide your in-game name within the design and also provide it along with your server in the entry.

3. Please put time into it, below standard designs will not be approved.
Any inappropriate designs or ones not related to the contest will also be rejected.

4. It is recommended you provide a side view design, along with closeups of any particular features~

-Copying From The Internet Will Automatically Disqualify You-

→→click to submit your entry←←
→→click to view all entries←←

-Gold Prize: 1000 Star Coins to 5 Explorers
-Silver Prize: 600 Star Coins to 10 Explorers
-Bronze Prize: 300 Star Coins to 10 Explorers
-Rust Prize: 100 Star Coins to 10 Random Lucky Explorers

【Note】Prizes will be sent out within a week after the end of the Event.

Good Luck Explorers

Author: Laytrix    Time: 2018-8-18 20:37
Hey, I'm on mobile and I'm not sure how to upload drawings, could I make a video of my drawings?
Author: Gabo    Time: 2018-8-19 19:09
Usare un poco de mi tiempo para crear uno con una historia jeje
Author: Viper88    Time: 2018-8-19 21:00
Laytrix replied at 2018-8-18 20:37
Hey, I'm on mobile and I'm not sure how to upload drawings, could I make a video of my drawings?

Please find a computer if possible and upload your drawings.

Viper88 (Admin)
Author: Laytrix    Time: 2018-8-20 10:25
Alright thanks
Author: Gabo    Time: 2018-8-21 06:05
Edited by Gabo at 2018-8-21 06:07

Author: Zelka    Time: 2018-8-22 03:34 mi diseño pero no aparece en Battle lock
Author: †J0K3R†    Time: 2018-8-22 21:22
Alguna idea de un programa para diseñar?
Author: Escote    Time: 2018-8-24 09:54
onde posto a minha  skin ?

Author: Zeaken    Time: 2018-8-26 08:24
Oh it is good I have an Idea
Author: esteban123xdxdx    Time: 2018-8-26 09:02

Author: esteban123xdxdx    Time: 2018-8-26 09:19
yo participo

Author: Champion    Time: 2018-8-29 15:24
Can this be extended for 1 day?
Author: jonz    Time: 2018-8-30 01:08
por que no puedo jugarlo en una croomebook
Author: Catwaii    Time: 2018-8-30 10:42
I've been waiting for at least a day and no one has moderated my design to date.

https://forum.creative-destructi ... thread&tid=5991
Author: LaytrixGAMING    Time: 2018-8-31 13:52
It says my file is bigger than x bytes but all I'm submitting is a picture of what drew... Could anyone help? that would be appreciated.
Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-4 16:23
hi can we still submit designs? when is it extended until?
Author: QuietEMP    Time: 2018-9-7 01:04
When are the winners getting announced??
Author: xElessaway    Time: 2018-9-7 21:03
8/9/2018 and no winners ?
Author: Hunters•Alam    Time: 2019-6-19 11:07
When the next contest is coming?

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