Title: Battle Looks New Stuffs [Print this page]

Author: AcE_Pratish    Time: 2018-8-23 02:57
Title: Battle Looks New Stuffs
These are the ideas i came up with, i hope you guys like it:

1. The white stuffs in the pants and the grunch pants which would be awesome to see.

2. Tattos on the hand or anywhere u like. Customizable or Just tattos.

3. Mask - Kaneki's mask or others

4. Hat - Winter Hat and many other hats

5. AcE Team Logo Shirt..... Or stuffs like that when ur in a group

Author: symonrobert    Time: 2020-1-17 07:07
Edited by symonrobert at 2020-1-17 07:08

All ghouls wear a mask. When they go out to feed, they put on their masks, so that they wont get recognized as a ghoul when going out onto the streets if someone has seen you. If you were a ghoul eatinng and a human spotted you without a mask and then the next day, they saw you, do you think they’d just keep that to themselves when they could get rid of one nuisance in their life? Also, even though this is irrelevant, masks usually represent your personality and I buy ken kaneki mask tokyo ghoul store. That’s why Kaneki’s mask has those two screws coming out from the side showing that he isn’t a “real ghoul” and the eyepatch only showing one eye helps support that by only showing people one-and his only-ghoul eye.
Author: Geraldged    Time: 2020-7-31 07:36
Title: Battle Looks New Stuffs
Grats on a good battle. Im new at the VC and just getting started. I have an army, just want and need to study the codex and read of gamers battles and ideas. How did the Black Coach work for you? Do you like what it can do? The Corpse Cart, also how did it support you? I didnt read much on it here.
Author: SJutt001    Time: 2020-8-15 06:13
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Author: SJutt001    Time: 2020-8-28 11:18
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Author:    Time: 2021-3-4 18:08
Title: -
Ok, it has pic of all The Hobbit releases so far on one side and on the other a mix of pic from the forces of The Lord of the Rings...  The pics are just like the ones from the GW website...
Author: smithmachinist    Time: 2021-3-12 05:22
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