Title: TROJAN DETECTED [Print this page]

Author: CrisMFC    Time: 2018-7-9 16:37
When I installed the game yesterday, everything was ok. But today, firstable there was an error when I was opening the game "client.exe does not work".
I tried shooting down my antivirus and the I reinstalled it and it worked, but a few minutes ago i was normally playing when Windows Defender notified me about a virus and the game was instantly closed because there is a Trojan virus in the files.
When I rectivated the antivirus (AVG) i saw again the "client.exe" error

Also, I cant log in in the page with my google account so I had to create a new account just for this...

I undestand if the game has incompatibility with some computers but... A Trojan?
Pls fix it
Thank you

Author: Its_XoTeN02    Time: 2018-7-9 16:53
It happens the same to me too
Author: DingerdabeaztYT    Time: 2018-7-9 17:50
Same here... Really enjoy the game and hope they respond to use soon!
Author: joseph    Time: 2018-7-9 18:21
Here's the same thing, there's a Trojan in the game files.

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