Title: How to be good at aiming? Tutorial/Guide/Tips [Print this page]

Author: Turbo    Time: 2018-7-10 05:11
Title: How to be good at aiming? Tutorial/Guide/Tips
Edited by Moa at 2018-7-31 00:18

Hello guys, I'm back for another Tutorial/Guide

This Tutorial/Guide about how to get your aim great and hit the enemy perfect, So let's get start.

PC users
Why i need to improve my aiming skills? It's easy to say, You have good aiming skills = You are good at hunting enemies.
Let's get start with your mouse, I would like you to suggest better mouse pad and mouse, Even not gaming mouse all you need is pretty enough mouse pad and mouse.
I prefer the mouse without "any shit keys at the right side or left side" It's anoying, I suggest you to use the mouse that only have "Click and Right click" That's all for mouse and mousepad tips/guide.

Next is let's talk about your sensitivity,
Should i follow the "high, Mid and low sens" Well, No, You need to config your own "sensitivity"  it's up to your reaction(i mean what your hand fast and mouse), You need to change everything, I'm not saying to don't use the game sensitivity but i suggest your to config your own sensitivty up to your fast hand.

If you have wide "mouse pad" i would like you to use slow sensitivty because you can move the mouse anywhere because you have wide mousepad so.
If you have small "mouse pad" same with mine, I suggest you  to use the "fast sensitivity" to get better aim.

You need to change your first person/third person sensitivty aim perfect, you don't need to set everything to high, just config by your self up to your what fast hand you have.

This is help you alot, watch this out.

Change your sensitivty until you get your perfect sensitivity to aim like a prah!

Mobile users!
Some people using other shit stuffs to get you better, Like "shoot key in volume up" It's pretty unfair like wtf.
I suggest you to don't use anything, That we called "pure skills or pro!" and now, let's get start.

Let's start with your screen, It's should be clean to swip your character great, And why you need to clean your screen always, To make your screen slide(not much) and to avoid those "sticky" screen. Note: Do not eat while playing to avoid the "liquid" on your screen.

As i said same with sensitivity, You need to config your sensitivty by your self to get your aim perfect, If you're tired to check up, let me put below
Should i follow the "high, Mid and low sens" Well, No, You need to config your own "sensitivity"  it's up to your reaction(i mean what your hand fast and mouse), You need to change everything, I'm not saying to don't use the game sensitivity but i suggest your to config your own sensitivty up to your fast hand.

Turn on/off Aim Assist: How hard do you want the game to be? Aim Assist will help you hit the target if you're generally pointing the right way. If you have pretty good enough at aiming, You can turn it off. If you have suck or new at battlegrounds/game you must be turn it on.

Mobile/PC users tips.
You need high fps to get your aim smooth and not laggy af.
Pc user and Nvidia user? Check this out! https://forum.creative-destructi ... =230&extra=page%3D1

Author: [BoZ]Niko663    Time: 2018-8-9 18:34
Personally, I have a gaming mouse called Zelotes-T80 That goes up to 7200 dpi, but I only use the 1000 dpi setting, I have my "Unscope" sensitivity set to 190% and all scope sensitivitys maxed out, good guide tho.
Author: Losa    Time: 2020-4-22 02:20
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Title: How to be good at aiming Tutorial/Guide/Tips
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