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Author: zero    Time: 2018-9-5 21:24
Title: Dev Q/A! (Rewards!)

Ask The Developers Questions for Rewards!

When will that new blaster be available? How about new game modes?

Just Reply Below with your Questions & Win Rewards!

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[Q/A Time]
Sept. 10th ~ Sept. 23rd


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2. After the event we will Send rewards & provide the answers given by the Devs!

>>300 Star Coins to 10% of the number of valid questions submitted!<<

【Note】Prizes will be sent out within a week after the end of the Event.
【Note 2】The replies are ordered by date in descending

Good Luck Explorers!

-C.D. Community Team

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Author: FnJhay    Time: 2018-9-9 23:07
In-Game-Name: FnJhay
ID (Click Avatar): 10047694
Server: AS Server
Question/Suggestion: Please do enable or allow us to use "emotes" or "dance" when having a dawn star or having a top 1 victory. Add some new emotes too in every maintenance or every patch, even 1 emotes per week will do. And also allow us to bind and use the thumb mouse buttons for extra hotkeys.
Author: jhonkonor    Time: 2018-9-9 23:30
Deben poner un detector de hack cómo lo hacen otros juegos por favor ahy muchas gente que ase trampa areglen eso por favor
Servidor usa
™TC jhon
Author: Fernando529    Time: 2018-9-9 23:32
Edited by Fernando529 at 2018-9-9 23:34

Nombre del juego:Fernando529
Pregunta / sugerencia del servidor :la verdad devén agregar nuevos bailes en C.D , nuevos emotes , en mi opinión el lanza llamas es muy chetada creo que deverian quitarle daño deverian ami me gustaria que pusieran multiplataforma creo que a mucha gente le gustaria multiplataforma porque hay muchos usuarios de C.D porque hay muchos usuarios que tienen móvil y no pueden jugar con amigos porque tienen pc o al revés eso estaría de lujo.PD: TAMBIEN EN EL SERVIDOR EE.UU YO VI UN HACKER QUE TENIA AIMBOT TENIA VELOCIDAD Y PUNTERIA ASISTIDA LO REPORTE CREO QUE SE LLAMA NinjaAfricano DEVERIAN DARLE REVISION.

Author: josephmta    Time: 2018-9-9 23:39
Edited by josephmta at 2018-9-9 23:43

Nombre del jugador: ElmaTageis
ID: 10024890
Server: EE.UU (PC)
Pregunta: ¿Pondran algunos diseños de los skins que mandaron los jugadores?
Author: Manashdb    Time: 2018-9-9 23:39
When new updates will come? And plz add more maps
Author: TLCGamingYT    Time: 2018-9-9 23:47
ID : 11667616
Server: AS (Asia)
Suggestion/s : It could be so much fun when you add more defense equipment like anti-riot shield and also the cars, the car can be use for transportation of the dou,squad,fireateam or even solo.
Add Smoke Grenade
Add  knife
Add Defense Equipments
Add better traps

Then add helicopter and tanks

Author: Melvin11pha    Time: 2018-9-10 00:45
ID 10103006
Server:EE. UU (móvil)
Pregunta /sugerencia :
Primero se agrádese que tomen en cuenta las opiniones me gustaría una clasificación  por paiz además de la global y que le pusieran más importancia a las estructuras como opciones para editarlas es molesto tener que destruir tus propias estructuras en batalla por lo demás  me encanta el juego
Author: FwHBear    Time: 2018-9-10 00:48
IGN : BaByBear
ID : 11392174
Server : AS (Asia)
Question: Can C.D Pc users meet with Mobile Users?
and what about Emulator Users?
if we meet each other.
it is very unfair for Mobile users
Author: JoshGreenAlv    Time: 2018-9-10 00:51
Nombre del jugador: JoshGreenAlv

Me gustaría que mejoraran la optimisacion del juego muchas veces cuando peleo muy cerca  del jugador se lagea y al final termino muriendo, otra cosa es que cuando pongo las paredes y me están disparando atraviesan las paredes, me gustaría que solucionaran eso y que hicieran mas rápida la construcción, muchas gracias y buenas noches.
Author: Jeyciil    Time: 2018-9-10 01:14
Server -EE UU
put the trampoline in classic mode
Author: Alex$23    Time: 2018-9-10 01:38
Nombre del jugador: Alex$25
Server: MED
A manera de sugerencia deberia agregar una opcion para abrir la construccion es decir cada ves q me hago un cubo y quedo totalmente cerrado no tengo como salir rapido por que tengo q romper la construccion para mi deberian de agregar una opcion para poner una puerta en la construccion.
Author: itslazy    Time: 2018-9-10 02:06
Edited by itslazy at 2018-9-10 02:43

In-Game-Name: ItsGabe
ID (Click Avatar): 10279813
Server: US Servers

1)  Wins
It would be great if you could make it so we can keep our wins in the next season instead of them getting reset like season 1 did

2) Handheld Tool
It would be awesome if you could make a win count handheld that shows the amount of wins you have on the game mode
{e.g 5 solo wins - Handheld shows 5 wins, 12 duo wins - Handheld shows 12 wins and same for Squad and Fireteam}

3) Weapon
I think it would be cool if you guys could add a new sniper to the game something heavy is a 1-shot kill

4) Challenges
It would be great if we would be able to see what our challenges are In-Game so we remember what to do.

5) Emotes
It would be cool if you guys could add more emotes and do a contest like the boggie down to add the best contestants dances and the best gets 1000 diamonds and their dance gets put into the game

6) Item
Could you guys add a paddle boat that spawns in west lake, it would be good if you need to get out of the storm and it will be great to have fun
with the squad on it.

7) Team Eliminations
Could you add the amount of eliminations our team members have next to their name In-Game so we know how much each other has.
It will make it a lot easier

8) Map
Could you add more places to the map to make it better and more easier to loot because the main places are Warrenbille, Eden and Lion.
It would be great to see more named locations in the future

9) Emote Stickers LTM
Could you guys add emote stickers for winning LTMs in CD

10) Gun Game LTM
Could you guys add a new LTM and make the guns only epic and legendary

11) Post-Game Score Board
Could you guys add a Score Board for at the end of the game you can see what you and everyone else got.
{e.g Most Kills 1-5 Players and Most damage 1-5 Players}

12) Tokens For Winning
These tokens can be used to purchase LIMITED-Exclusive things in the store.
It will be a good way to reward players for winning and giving them something to feel good about
And only the players that get the victory royale will be allowed to get the LIMITED-Exclusive things
{e.g Each Win = 10 Tokens // 50 Tokens = Back bling // 150 Tokens = Exclusive Outfit}

13) Weekly Challenge Crate
Once all daily challenges are completed 7/7 days they will be rewarded a super crate
if not 7/7 and 6/7 or leas then the player will not be rewarded the crate until next week 7/7 days are completed

14) Level Up Rewards
Level Up Rewards Not tier Rewards
New Dances
New Graffitis
New Handheld
New Parachutes
New Tracks
New Accessories

15) Weapon
Storm Grenade - once you throw a storm grenade at someone they take as much
damage as the storm would give them such as 1,2,5 damage depends on storm
but only last 5 seconds each grenade. but the grenade can only surrond a small radius so
the player can escape if he can.

16) Weapon
Revive Pistol - A revive gun that can only come in legendary and have the maximum of 3 bullets.
And can only be found in air drops.(only for duos and squads).
This would be great if you have to fight the enemy and your mate is down, so you quickly
shoot him with the revive gun and they get revived instantly. If you miss the shot you miss your revive.

17) Diamond LTM
Tts a gamemode that will cost 5 Diamonds to play only for solo.
100 players x 5 gold is 500 Diamonds.
Solo 1st Place - 300 Diamonds
Solo 2nd Place - 150 Diamonds
Solo 3rd Place - 50 Diamonds

Max 10 games per player
I think this would make a lot of player happy because they can profit off their last 5 Diamonds if they win.

18) Prize Wheel
You should add a prize wheel that you can spin once a week.
100 - 1,000 Gold
100 - 500 Star Coins
10 - 50 Diamonds

19) Handheld
Can You make it so the damage is 10 for the whole body not 5 for the body and
10 for te head .

20) Outfits
Can you guys add Limited Seasonal outfits
Such as Christmas skins for christmas season - limited and never come back until next christmas maybe or add me outfits.
same with hallowen, easter and other season stuff like 4 of july, july 13th etc.

21) Weapon
Tracker Sniper - shoot someone in the distance and you can see their footsteps on the ground and where they went for 30 secs
only legendary and can only come out of AIR DROP.

22) Weapon
Smoke Grenades

23) Wins
You should add milestones for players who achive stuff such as
50 wins reward = a outfit you can only unlock after 50 wins
100 wins = a outfit you can only unlock after 100 wins
and the oufits change when the season changes so season 2 has a different skin to season 3
50 wins outfit. But if you have the season 2 - 50 win oufit you keep it throughout every season so its permanent.

24) Bots
You should make the game have less bots. this will make it more better because we get to play with real players
and it will be much more fun.

25) Console
You guys should add C.D to console. it will bring a massive audience towards the game (BUT IT SHOULD STILL BE FREE).

26) Spectators
You should add a feature so the player can see how much people are watching them after they kill them.

27) Streamer Mode
You guys know what this is lol. it would be good for early streamers who get stream sniped and the player who killed them
wont get their name on the killfeed.

28) Storyline
You guys need to make a storyline which would be cool.
I Will Come Up With More Later Thanks For Listening.

Author: SamDjell    Time: 2018-9-10 02:33
Edited by SamDjell at 2018-9-10 03:20

In-Game-Name: SamDjell
ID (Click Avatar): 10012172
Server: MED
Question/Suggestion:add more maps
add cars
fix the ammo ( not take all ammo only the wepon i have )

Author: itslazy    Time: 2018-9-10 02:44
Edited by itslazy at 2018-9-10 02:46
SamDjell replied at 2018-9-10 02:33
In-Game-Name: SamDjell
ID (Click Avatar): 10012172
Server: MED

why did you copy me? this means you have no life and have to steal my ideas. get a life kid.admin please delete his post

Author: perceval    Time: 2018-9-10 02:44
In-Game-Name: Perceval
ID (Click Avatar): 10168494
Question/Suggestion : 1// Why You Don't Care About Adding New Suits And Dances ??
2 // What About Adding Option To Can Buy The Owned Limited Items For Star Coins For Unlimited Time Some Things Like Suits And Look Items For Star Coins ??
3//What About Adding Switch Gender Tool To Change Items Suits Gender For Star Coins ?

Author: itslazy    Time: 2018-9-10 02:51
SamDjell replied at 2018-9-10 02:33
In-Game-Name: SamDjell
ID (Click Avatar): 10012172
Server: MED

you did copy me read my post number 7) and 8) 11) your a no life
Author: itslazy    Time: 2018-9-10 02:54
SamDjell replied at 2018-9-10 02:33
In-Game-Name: SamDjell
ID (Click Avatar): 10012172
Server: MED

@Bykalakhd @Zero can you delete his post, he copied mine, number 7) 8) and 11) on my post
Author: LoneViajante    Time: 2018-9-10 03:23
In-Game-Name: LoneViajante
ID (Click Avatar): 10486511
Server: US PC
Question/Suggestion: 1- Will have a south america server for pc? im not aware of the steam version
                               2- A setting to change the ditance i see players and their buildings but to keep the graphics low, because my pc cant handle the game so well, the diference from low and medium in graphics is so large
Author: xacale    Time: 2018-9-10 03:43
IGN : Xacale
ID : 10287812
Me gustaría que se pudiese que las construcciones que uno mismo haga se puedan romper mas rápido porq al tenerlas al lvl 4 o 5 se demora mucho en romperlas.
Author: Xd_Cookies    Time: 2018-9-10 04:58

IGN : xd_cookies

ID : 10138417

Author: GustavoM    Time: 2018-9-10 05:06
Edited by GustavoM at 2018-9-10 05:08

En nombre del juego: GustavoM
ID (haga clic en Avatar): 10017820
Servidor: UU.SS PC
pregunta / sugerencia: ¿Agregarán servidor latino americano?.
El Lanzallamas quita mucha vida, si pueden, quitenlo o bajenle el daño.
El AKM quita mucha vida,si pueden, bajenle el daño.
Al disparar con 1S2897 tienes que esperar unos segundos para construir o cambiar de arma y en esos segundo te matan o te quitan mucha vida.
¿Pueden meter un modo de juego donde puedas jugar con un amigo y hacer uno contra uno o batallas de construccion? y al matar a uno volver a caer y no salir de la partida.
¿Pueden bajarle el daño a los explosivos?
Al uno construir una pared, rampa o piso poder quitarlas y no destruirlas.
Poner mas bailes.
Mejorar la animación de correr, hacerla ver mas rápido.
Hacer un mapa mas pequeño o agregar vehículos.
Las trampas poderlas encontrarlas en el piso y no hacerlas con las estatuas de osos.
Construir dejando el clic presionado.

Author: GUIETZ    Time: 2018-9-10 05:26
Edited by GUIETZ at 2018-9-10 05:39

Nome no Jogo: GUIETZ
ID (Clique Avatar): 10028416
Servidor: US PcPergunta/sugestão

1- Console Vocês devem adicionar CD ao console Xbox 360, Xbox one, Ps3, Ps4. trará uma audiência massiva para o jogo (MAS DEVE ESTA DE GRAÇA).

2- Otimizaçao para Pc               
Trazer uma otimiziçao para Pcs fracos

3- Melhoria na mira         
E pessimo ficar segurando o botao direito do mouse para fica na mira,isso estraga o jogo

4-Mais servidores
Terá um servidor south america para pc ?

Author: BlackKidBoy    Time: 2018-9-10 06:03

Usar BlackKidBoy
Id  10136798
Servidor EE.UU MÓVIL
¿Porque no pasándose el proyecto a unreal engine?
Deberían colocar nuevas zonas en el mapa, que llamen la atención de los demás jugadores.
Deberían optimizar mejor el juego, todavía hay muchos errores tanto en móvil como en pc.
¿Porque no añaden más co tejido dentro de las casas, están demasiado solas.
la recopilación de objetos deveri a ser más sencilla, ya que no están demolido conseguir materiales si no encontramos jugadores enemigos.
Las recompensas para los que jugamos sin dinero dentro del juego deberían ser mejores ya deberían añadir más trajes "gratis".
Deberían modificar las misiones diarias,hay unas que nos os tan sencillas.
las misiones diarias deberían aparecer en un costado dentro de las partidas, ya que harían más sencillo la realización de las mismas.
Y metan un modo de juego como "el parque de diversiones" para que podamos probar las armas y jugar con amigos De tal modo que podamos practicar y mejorar en el juego.
Author: ABMMohamed    Time: 2018-9-10 06:17
My name is ABMMohamed
Id : 100426282
Server. Med "PC"
Can you solve hackers problem...  The game is not safe
Author: Nialixus    Time: 2018-9-10 07:23
Edited by Nialixus at 2018-9-10 21:51

ID : 10903999
Nickname : Nialixus
Server : US Mobile Platform

Suggestion : 1. Login option : there are 2 options when we open this game, it's "continue" and "stop".
I think it's not a necessary option, i mean we all do know this game is an online game, so we understand it's required internet connection. I suggest to remove that option.

2. Missing letters : When i got disconnected i need to restart my mobile data, so it means i need to minimize this game's window, but somethime(not everytime) when i go back to c.d. windows some letter become missing. I suggest to fix that issue.

3. Poor Performance : so i'm using xiaomi redmi note 4 it has 3 GB ram, it's quite laggy to play even in lower performance, that is so dissapointong. I mean for comparison in pubg mobile this phone can play it smoothly. We are hoping in near future this game will be friendly for even in 2 GB ram devices.

4. Flag : I have another suggestion > first, you guys need to redesign and resize the flag, second, the flag need to be showed up on the left of our nickname in game while we playing.

5. Translator : it's everybody wishes that you guys add their own native language, so i suggest that you guys can use us to translate this games for free. Just add the english into google online document or something, and everyone can input their own language.

6. Destructor design : it's not so stunning to see how the destructor works. So i suggest that you guys make special effect for some destructor. For example Drill Destructor, the effect need to look powerful, and dangerous.

7. The Wall Design : I suggest to make a skin for every wall, not just a sticker, but different skin like wood, iron. Ya we know that's probably to similar to fortnite, well just make it different but looks cooler.

8. Traps and gadget : this is one of the most important. The traps rarely to use, because it's not so effective if people can know that there is a trap. So i suggest we don't need to build wall to put the traps. Just stick it to anything like grass, house's wall, floor, etc.

9. Bear statue : it's make me cautious when i see the bear statue from further. I mean you guys need to add colorful outline on it not just glittering sparks, because it's not so efficient.

10. Server name : yup, some people don't understand the abridgment of the server's name. It is not hard isn't it to put the full name of the server. I mean AS server and US Server? In my country it means the same country.

11. Text Box : add text box feature that can be used in-game directly while we playing.

12. Like/Thumbs up : i suggest add this feature. After we finish the game, so our team can like us.

13. Vehicle : we need vehicle to travel that long way.

14. Shards : so we can only get the shards if only we got same suit that we already have, but it's not work for same guns, same accessories, etc. So i suggest that all the same items even the trial one will be converted to shards.

15. Server's Character Data : nah we all do know if we change the server, our character data is totally different. So i suggest that we only have 1 character's data that can be used in any server.
16. Usb OTG PlayStation Controller : so i have this controller and can be used to play some emulator games, and i wish there is a way that we can use this controller to play this game.

17. Add new maps or just mini maps for some specific mode.

I guess that's it for now, looking forward to your reply. Cheers.

Author: NINJA    Time: 2018-9-10 07:35
Edited by NINJA at 2018-9-21 17:14

IN GAME-ID:10012549

4-I  Hope i win
Author: NINJA    Time: 2018-9-10 07:39
LoneViajante replied at 2018-9-10 03:23
In-Game-Name: LoneViajante
ID (Click Avatar): 10486511
Server: US PC

Author: Elsicario    Time: 2018-9-10 07:44
En nombre del juego :elsicario7hit
Sugerencia :deberian de añadir otro metodo de pago para los que notenemos targeta de credito
Author: mamo    Time: 2018-9-10 07:49
fix the bug of the white screen

Author: Mander    Time: 2018-9-10 07:57
Edited by Mander at 2018-9-10 23:09

En nombre del juego :Mander
Sugerencia : agregaran vehículos?? porque si los hay pero inmóviles y sin ningún uso en absoluto. Por Ejemplo estos:                                                  *al poner un muro, piso o una rampa ascendente tener la opción de editarlas, ya que en un pvp cerrado siempre hace falta editar algunas estructuras.
*poder rotar las estructuras no solo volteando el mouse, que tambien se pudiera rotar con una tecla
* pondrán  trampolín (saltaderas) que se puedan crear en el creador de trampas o que se consigan por el mapa y que se coloquen donde van las trampas??.               
*Arreglen esto , Tienes el arma en la mano pero no aparece en el mono y tampoco sale el puntero

Author: Nawo    Time: 2018-9-10 08:14
Edited by Nawo at 2018-9-10 08:37

Nombre en el juego: nawo
Servidor: EE.UU. Móvil
Pregunta / sugerencia:
Deben hacer algo  con respecto a las armas, muchas veces te matan con armas muy poco potentes aunque tengas al 100% el suero de protección...
El modo oculto deberían quitarlo y regresar el modo soccer royale.
Deberían agregar más misiones diarias o misiones con grado de dificultad.
Con respecto al lanza misil deberían mejorar su velocidad, es demasiado lento.
Estaría genial si pusieran más bailes, skins y armas.
Poner otro método de pago, ya que muchos no tenemos tarjeta.
Author: Kii0    Time: 2018-9-10 08:31
ID: 10461182

1-Porque vocês ainda não adicionou o servidor America Latina para a plataforma PC ? acho que atraia  mais jogadores !
2- Vocês poderiam adicionar uma arma tipo a Kar98k ! sem a Scope acho que quem gostar de jogar com as arma do tipo rifle-sniper iriar adora  ter uma dessa no jogo !
3- Ajeitar essa mira do jogo a patrão tira o Ponto do meio e deixa ela mais pequena !
4- Tirar esse lança-chamas ou pelo menos diminuir o dano dele porque estar muito apelativo,você pode ganhar uma partida facilmente com ela .
5- A pessoal que esta jogando uma partida poderia ver quantas pessoa estão observando ela jogando ! ex: Colocar um olho no quanto inferior esquerdo e fica mostrando quantas pessoas estão observando ela !
6- Melhorar o Anti-cheat, O hacks estão mais raros de se encontrar em uma partida mais ainda tem no jogo.
7- Melhorar a jogabilidade Shotgun (Espingarda Na língua brasileira) Deixa ela mais ágil ex: Você da um tiro com ela e tem que espera uns 2 a 3 segundos para fazer qualquer outra ação no game !
8 - Para criar as construção podia fica só segurando o botão do mouse não ficar dando click  !
Author: LuizFernandes    Time: 2018-9-10 08:55
Nome no Jogo: Elmatador°BR
ID: ID:10160315
Pergunta / Sugestão:
1-Porque vocês não adicionem um carrinho? Tipo o do fortinite, que seja um carrinho que não tirasse muito dado pois ai não tiraria muito o foco do jogo.
2-Adicionem a M4A1 por favor.
3-Cadê o JUMP PAD???
Author: aldozilent    Time: 2018-9-10 08:56
Nombre en el juego: aldozilentYT
ID: 10495757
Servidor: EE.UU. PC
Soy youtuber y me gustaría saber como pudiera contactarlos para ver si pueden prestar salas privadas para asi la audiencia tener una mejor afinidad en el juego y poder promocionar mas el juego.
Author: DaniCastello    Time: 2018-9-10 09:19
I like it the new gun
Author: DaniCastello    Time: 2018-9-10 09:20
first floor!what if I'm popular
Author: TheCisneros    Time: 2018-9-10 09:27
En nombre del juego :TLB_ForceWarPE
Sugerencia: Cambiar mas rapido de arma, acelear esos milisegundos de retraso
Author: DaniCastello    Time: 2018-9-10 09:31
Name in the game: venom02.
Server: EE.UU.
My question? when will they add cars?
My suggestion: add a new map, add something new
Author: DaniCastello    Time: 2018-9-10 09:31
Name in the game: venom02.
Server: EE.UU.
My question? when will they add cars?
My suggestion: add a new map, add something new
Author: TDE_Memosenpai    Time: 2018-9-10 09:52
Name in the game: TDE_Memosenpai
ID: 10285851
Server: EEUU Pc
My question: Why only make tournaments or competitions in the mobile version, and not for others like Pcy steam
MY suggestion:improve the construction and add some means of transport to not only go with soda cannons or running on the map
Author: divinestar    Time: 2018-9-10 10:19
NAME ON GAME: DivinestarYT
ID: 10234245
QUESTION: What will you do about hackers? the game is FULL of them, and many players have been dissatisfied with this situation.
I ask, what will be the solution? Do You Even Want To Lose The Game For Hackers?
Author: LoboJz    Time: 2018-9-10 10:31
Name in the game: LoboJz
ID: 10103011
Server: Mobile-US
Question: Will they modify and add new zones to the map?
My suggestion: Add some type of vehicle. Not necessarily a car. The map is too big, and if you fall in remote areas it is difficult to get to the center of the action.
Author: thuncute    Time: 2018-9-10 10:56
In-Game-Name: thuncute
ID: 10001234
Server: AS Server (PC)
Question: When you will add TRACKS or many of us knows dances/emotes on the game?
Suggestion: Yo should fix when the terrain because example im hiding a slope of a mountain,the bullets/lasers goes on and the ground where i am hiding, it doesnt block it, it kill explorers. and kill those who cheats or hacks the game, it doesnt fair in gaming. tnx   

Author: Armando29    Time: 2018-9-10 11:08
NICK: Armando29vcYT
ID: 10005903
Servidor: EE.UU. PC
Pregunta / Sugerencia: se pordra modificar la construcción en la siguiente actualización
y porfavor que se pueda ver cuantos te espectean en cada partida me gustaria eso

Author: Seif    Time: 2018-9-10 11:44
IGN: ThunDer
ID : 10164749
Server: MED/PC
Question: When are you going to remove the glitches, like the one in Eden Vines, they can go inside the bridge and what are you going to do about Hackers/Cheaters too?
Suggestion: Add more modes like 50vs50 Mode, add some vehicles, silly vehicles and try to add dances/emotes

Author: Adhamgeny    Time: 2018-9-10 11:56
Name in the Game : ZedHawk
ID : 10165330
Server : MED/PC
Question : do u have anti-cheat system ? cause players can open Cheat Engine in the game
Suggestion : Add some events in the map like animals attack you , Meteors , and make the player can Choose Between Normal Mode And Event Mode
Author: Moysluria    Time: 2018-9-10 13:37
Nombre en el juego: Moysbrown
ID: 11145196
Servidor: EE.UU
Pregunta: ¿Cuando agregaran los nuevos mapas?
¿Cuando mejorarán la jugabilidad y limpiar los hackers ya que eso molesta?
Sugerencia: Mejorar la estabilidad de las armas ya que muchas veces me ha tocado que al disparar nunca le da al objetivo y el contrincante termina bajandome con un solo disparo mejorar el acercamiento de los rivales ya que muchas veces no se define de dónde viene el disparo o que tan cerca están
Author: Gamerpro204    Time: 2018-9-10 14:08
Name:gamer pro
ID: 10021488
Question: Why u don't do something to build  easy and fast ??
Suggestion: Add the siper-man mod with the costume
Author: Milloguacho    Time: 2018-9-10 15:08
Question:Are they going to add more areas (cities) on the map or will they add more maps?
Suggestion:put the medal mode shuttle in normal mode to move faster on such a large map

Author: SlickGamingGG    Time: 2018-9-10 17:49
IGN: SlickGamingGG
ID: 11630696
Server: US Server
Question: Will you guys ever make a way for people to win the flex pass so like have contest and who ever will get it so we have challenges I think that would be cool.
Author: AnthonyRD    Time: 2018-9-10 18:33
Edited by AnthonyRD at 2018-9-10 18:38

Nombre en el juego: AnthonyRDYT
PREGUNTA 1 :¿Cuando pondrán las construcciones turbo en pc?
PREGUNTA 2 :¿Cuando introducirán un antihacker mas bueno?
PREGUNTA 3 :¿Meterán armas nuevas como sniper, subfusil, escopetas?
PREGUNTA 4 :¿Volverán a hacer eventos donde las recompensas seran Diamantes?
PREGUNTA 5 :¿Podrán poner quienes nos observan cuando derrotamos a alguien? Sugerencias: pueden poner que la RPG7 salga en los cofres normales en el mapa, tambien poner un nuevo mapa, nuevas ropas que se compren con oro o monedas de estrellas.

Author: sosoman77    Time: 2018-9-10 19:06
ID: 10169385
Question: Why u don't do something to build  easy and fast ??
Suggestion: Add the siper-man mod with the costume
Author: FaZeFabrizio    Time: 2018-9-10 19:44
Edited by FaZeFabrizio at 2018-9-10 19:46

Nombre del juego: FaZe_Fabrizio
Servidor:E.E.U.U [PC]
Pregunta:¿cuando pondran nuevos bailes o un nuevo mapa
-Agregar el modo construccion turbo
-Agregar el easy anticheat (para que no haiga hackers)
-Agregar Vehiculos
-Nuevo bailes y mapas
-Dar el permiso de crear salas personalisadas al fundador de un clan, por ejemplo: El clan NoVa FaZe: Es uno de los mejores clanes del juego, todo bien organizado, tenermos jugadores de pc y de movil , tenemos grupo de whatsapp y de discord, Hacemos torneos todas las semanas (equipos de 5 y el que haga mas kills pasa a la siguiente ronda), Contamos con mas de 100 miembros y todos somo activos ,ya contamos con gremio en las 2 plataformas.Saludos.
PSDT: Soy el fundador del clan, Si se quieren contactar conmigo este es mi discord : FaZe_Fabrizio #4700   

Author: ArnXD    Time: 2018-9-10 19:57
Nombre del juego: ArnXD
ID: 10005023
Servidor: E.E.U.U [PC]
1- ¿Meterán editar construcción?
2- ¿Agregaran nuevas armas?
3- ¿Agregaran nuevas skins con oro y medalla de plata?
4- ¿Agregaran nuevos bailes?

SUGERENCIA: Mejoraran la optimizacion en el juego y meteran mas trampas ya que hay pocos

Author: JACK3314    Time: 2018-9-10 20:02
Name in the Game :Jack3314
ID :10068661
Server: EE.UU. PC
Do they think they can edit your structures or at least eliminate them quickly?
What are the instagram stories that are publishing in your instagram account? New map or better graphics or maybe the same map but improved I am very excited.
Do you listen to the creative destructions community?
Do you think decorating the houses inside?
thank you very much to see:loveliness.:
Author: CDandroid12    Time: 2018-9-10 20:17

QUESTION/SUGGGESTION:  A QUESTION that i have is  why  u GUYS create a New map or add a playground  when every body can training . And a SUGGGESTION that i have is can u GUYS unlock the graphics for every phone the graphics are important.
Author: Rodrigo334    Time: 2018-9-10 20:38
Nombre del juego: Rodrigo2
ID: 10190705
¿ Pondran lo de editar la construccion ?
¿ Pueden agregar que te de mas cosas en los cofres ?
-Dar recompensa a los que estan en el top 100 de individual-duo-scuad- y el de 5, almenos 5000 oro y 500 monedas de estrella
- Si  denunciamos a alguien que usa hacks y ustedes revisan y afirman que usa hack, denle ban de ip por 1 semana o mas, asi recibiran el debido castigo, ya que es muy injusto tener que aguantarlos
-  Agregar mas cosas en las casas, ej. Camas, muebles, etc
Arreglar un bug que los estare contactando por correo electronico, el bug se trata de que cuando me acerco mucho a algo que quiero destruir ej. Auto, traspasa todo el auto y  no destruye en video entenderan mejor...
-Poder ver cuantas personas te observan
-Agregar una opcion de poder escribir y enviar un mensaje en medio de la partida
-Cuando ponemos objetivo avistado que se marque el lugar donde apuntamos
Agregar mas opciones de mensaje rapido o almenos poder agregar nosotros mismos  mensajes personalizados
- Agregen cosas que podamos comprar con las piezas que nos dejan las ropas ej. Skin de armas o trajes especiales, obviamente tendra que costar +100 las cosas mas chidas xd
-Esta cosa es la que mas sugiero... Agregen una opcion de poder guardar 30 segundos que pasaron, ej. Yo mate a uno con franco sin mirar bueno entro en ajuste y que me aparezca  un boton para poder guardar los segundos que pasaron, y configurar depende de la gama, ej en gama baja que solo se pueda guardar maximo 1min. En gama media max.5 min y en gama alta max toda la partida
-  Agregen una forma de poder mensajear por privadoca una persona que no conozcas, ej. Yo quiero hablar con alguien del chat general, pero sin ser su amigo, en tonces apreto su perfil y busco "Mandar Mensaje", y de ahi que yo pueda ver el mensaje solo en una opcion de "Mensajes de Desconicidos" que ahi podre ver todos los mensajes de personas que no conozco pero que solo quieren preguntarme algo o solo charlar, dentro de eso agregen la opcion de "No recibir mas mensajes de ( Nombre del jugador ) y ademas de tambien la opcion de "Notificar cuado me llega un mensaje y muchas cosas mas, gracias por leer
Author: Narendra    Time: 2018-9-10 20:44
Question/suggestions hello sir, I think you have have to increase jump highest  and you i think you have to upgrade the drop system because  i don't like that we can find any gun in the map without  geting drop , i think some guns are only find in the drop that can be more adventurous for us.
Tha's all
Author: Narendra    Time: 2018-9-10 20:49
Name - Narendrajangi
Id- 11037074
Server- Asia
Hello sir, i think you have to increase jump highest that can make more enjoyable and you have to select some can that can be found only in the drop not in genrel map that can make player greedy so that many player try to loot drop.
Author: Narendra    Time: 2018-9-10 20:52
Name - Narendrajangi
Id- 11037074
Server- Asia
Question/suggestions Hello sir, i think you have to increase jump highest that can make more enjoyable and you have to select some can that can be found only in the drop not in genrel map that can make player greedy so that many player try to loot drop.
Author: Eso20    Time: 2018-9-10 20:54
ID (Click Avatar):12228296
Server: med server
So my question is,
Can i play with my friend he is at laptop and i am at mobile if yes how that it
Author: Eso20    Time: 2018-9-10 20:55
Eso20 replied at 2018-9-10 20:54
ID (Click Avatar):12228296
Server: med server

If no why you guys make a server that belongs to pc and mobile can play in same match
Author: Nasrul7    Time: 2018-9-10 21:06
in game name: Nasrul7
id: 11927515
question/suggestion: i want to suggest you to add jump pad in rank mode and  vehicles i think its a good idea
Author: loki    Time: 2018-9-10 21:07
I don’t want no reward I just want turbo build please add that and update the map plz thx Loki is out
Author: Maicky7u7    Time: 2018-9-10 21:21
En nombre del juego: Maicky7u7
ID : 10294631
Servidor : E.E.U.U [PC]
Agregar Bailes , Pueden Poner aunque sea Un Auto o 2  , Lo que seria Buena Idea también es Hacer Replays de Kills o Wins Estaría Bien pero que sean temporales y luego las quitan . Mejorar la velocidad de La Revolver , y poner mas Camisas , pantalones y accesorios (con coins) , y Nada mas este Juego es de Lo mejor me paso muy bien Gracias Por administrar este gran juego

Author: evandrojose07    Time: 2018-9-10 22:01
servidor: AL

In the name of more than my ID N~a finding my business of any necessary e of Miranda and Evandro Jos ‘an email from OR Facebook.

put aiming 2x, 4x 8, example of guns in ak47 of x, I scarl, AIR guns, had control of more than would like against the hackers, when most of the race, maps of young really have what I would like more than a vegetation of communication of the card of case, money, trees, Rivers and what would like etc.

It is the one of the top and the game of the best, for the favor me help.
AL of Evandro07 server.
Author: MiDoRiYa    Time: 2018-9-10 22:04
Nick: MiDoRiYa
ID: 10012457
Server: LATAM
Pergunta: o que acham da idéia de adicionar picaretas (ou marretas) no jogo?
Sugestão: eu gostaria muito que tivesse skins próprias no jogo (que não seja trajes) o pessoal iria gostar bastante de uma skin de um ninja por exemplo... hehe
Author: RafaelNobre    Time: 2018-9-10 22:09
Name - RafaelNobre  ID 15077514  Server- US Caro creatore di Creative Destruction, ci sono molti hacker nella persona del gioco al livello 45 del nulla e le strane armi solo di un colpo prendono la vita dell'utente totale e strano strano non mettere un super scudo per noi per favore den almeno 100 diamanti gratis uccidere nessuno uff
Author: TheMessi    Time: 2018-9-10 22:54
NICK: TheMessi 2903
ID: 10031640
Servidor: EE.UU/ MOBILE
Suggestions / questions
1. I would like you to implement a faster transportation system, because the map is very large and I see the fact that if I do not fall in a place near the center of the map, I have to run too far to enter the area safe.

2. They could implement a new assault rifle (M41A1)

3. I would also like there to be more clothes that could be purchased based on star coins

4. When will you wear more clothes in the store?

Author: Krispis    Time: 2018-9-10 23:07
Name:  Krispis
Server:  EEUU
Plataforma:  Movil Android
ID:  11470121
Sinceramente el juego es muy bueno y épico, lo único que desagrada y yo creo que no sólo a mi, si no a muchas personas,  es la textura que tienen las construcciones ya que desde mi punto de vista son muy simples las texturas que tienen.

Un Consejo que puede serles de utilidad sería la zona de la tormenta que cambien por una zona infectada por zombies, las personas que se encuentren en la zona infectada serán atacados por los zombies ya que los zombies estarán en toda la zona infectada y saldrán desde el piso. Una de las características que pienso como idea para la zona infectada es que este muy oscura (tiempo de noche) para que sea más divertido y pongan un sonido de fondo de gemidos de zombies. Regresen las lanzaderas al modo clásico así como los picos y arbustos de camuflaje para que el juego tenga más estilo.

Gracias por su atención espero que les haya servido mis recomendaciones...

Mi canal de You Tube:  
Author: walterua86    Time: 2018-9-10 23:24
Mi sugerencia sería que implementaran edición en las construcciones ya que a vece uno se equivoca y tiene que romper y es más tardado,otra sería que hubiera más objetos en al tienda que se puedan comprar con monedas de estrella o así y eso sería un gran juego
Author: Beto018    Time: 2018-9-10 23:25
Edited by Beto018 at 2018-9-10 23:26

Nick: Beto018
ID: 10299203
Servidor: US (PC)

1-Adicionem outros rifles automáticos, como pro exemplo: M16, M4a1...
2-Modo de compatibilidade igual a versão para Android (se possível)
3-Servidor SA!
4-Rank por região
5-Salas personalizadas para todos6-Jump pad no modo classico
7-Talvez modificarem as armadilhas que são muito pouco usadas

Author: Andr0KunXYZ    Time: 2018-9-10 23:29
IGN: Andr0KunXYZ
ID: 10005374
A suggestion, add at least more dances, but at least cost star coins, put the view of the air taxi in First Person as it is in the third person (in the first person you can not see the air taxi and in the third if), put at least the trampoline in classic mode, make the railgun when loading you can run and move as if you were not shooting (when you shoot with any weapon you lower your speed but with the railgun it should not be like that, practically it does not work at all) and balance their damage so that it serves better and also does not cover the screen in the first person, fix a bug that sometimes happens that the screen is locked in the first person (to fix that only turns to third person and returns to the first , but it takes time), graffiti is permanent, at least with diamonds, at night in the storm in certain areas, which can be pointed in the first person with the arms without sight (XM8, P229, AWP, PSG-1) , that the air pump is can use in yourself.
Author: LegendofTomato    Time: 2018-9-11 00:56
IGN: Hero gamin
ID: 10140910
Server: AS  (mobile)
Suggestions: Add some emotes that cost star point, like green emotes cost  less star point then the blue one, and blue less then pink. Thank you.
Author: playzzyace    Time: 2018-9-11 02:28
replace the destructor to hammer for a better game
Author: INSANEE    Time: 2018-9-11 02:45
Edited by INSANEE at 2018-9-13 02:25


ID: 17906167

SERVER: US (Mobile)

SUGGESTION: maybe add clan Tags to your username for example [CoH] INSANEE ? add more weapons Few Examples like Sticky bombs, MTAR, M4A1, AN94, Scoped revolver Or Plasma sniper that would be interesting and cool, Maybe add more skins for weapons and clothing  (That cost gold), add backpacks That would be pretty cool, maybe in daily events make some missions so we can earn diamonds [even if its like 10 diamonds daily] You should add First person aiming that would be dope ooh and add dances That you can buy, Should add bios for Profiles and add Profile pictures that we can upload ourselves

Author: playzzyace    Time: 2018-9-11 04:08
replace the destructor to hammer or ace for a better game
Author: DG15YOUTUBE    Time: 2018-9-11 04:16
Id : 11360120

Asia server

Please add 1v1 mode and launch pads , impulse grenades and cross play between PC and phone

Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-11 08:05
playzzyace replied at 2018-9-11 04:08
replace the destructor to hammer or ace for a better game

Nah the destructor is cool. more original. Hammer makes it basically Fortnite
Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-11 08:40
Edited by Akilliz at 2018-9-24 02:01

IGN: Akilliz
ID:  11004506
SERVER: US server

Can buying clothing be made gender neutral? So that once you buy an outfit you have both the male and female version instead of making them seperate
Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-11 08:42
IGN: Akilliz
ID:  11004506
SERVER: US server

Will the custom game modes become available full time at some point?
Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-11 08:43
IGN: Akilliz
ID:  11004506
SERVER: US server

Can we get a mode where we can practice building with unlimited resources added to training?
Author: Mayer    Time: 2018-9-11 08:54
MI ID ES : 10327655
Server EEUU
Recomendaciones : agreguen el trampolín en el modo normal,pero mejorenlo debido a que levanta a los personajes a una altura muy pequeña,mejoren la altura a que nos levanta el trampolín y vuelvanlos mas escasos que aparezca rara vez en cofres , y que salga uno o dos por drop daría mas jugabilidad para no estar corriendo de la zona toda la partida , y o  también pongan coches  pero que no agan daño al personaje debido a que muchos se la pasarían matando la gente solo en el carro entonces por la parte de transporte eso es todo.

Armas agreguen un rifle de caza como un sniper sin mira pero que se pueda apuntar , quiten armas que nadie utilizan o mejorenlas como :el arco,la railgun,y la pistola con mira de armas,de armas eso es todo.

Que metieran un modo entrenamiento que se puedan usar todas las armas  y la construcción pero no con bot si no que con amigos,el modo consistiria en prácticar  con tus amigos ,al entrar a la partida que nos den el material al nivel 5 y el máximo de material y que den un círculo de la zona pequeño que no se  cierre mas y que uno desde los ajustes pueda seleccionar la parte del mapa donde aparezca la zona.también pongan un marcador de puntos de cada kill y que cuando acabe la partida el que tenga mas kill gana (y que también se pueda ajustar el tiempo que dura la partida)

Por último una pregunta¿ tomaron alguna de mis sugerencias en cuenta ?
Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-11 09:28
IGN: Akilliz
ID:  11004506
SERVER: US server

Will we get an option to turn off the guides who speak in the air taxi? it is a little annoying sometimes
Author: LɑdyBug♥    Time: 2018-9-11 10:51
Nome: LɑdyBug♥
Plataforma: Mobile
ID: 10913784
Servidor: AL

Por que vocês não adicionam uma maneira de detectar o gênero do personagem que estamos usando para que na hora de abrir baús ou receber recompensar venham roupas específica para o personagem que está sendo usado?
Eu uso personagem feminino e toda vez ganho roupas masculinas. Podem fazer algo relacionados a essa questão?

Poderiam mudar também os controles de construção, em vez de ficaram feito um círculo, colocasse para ficar em colunas no canto da tela.
Poderiam também não zerar os níveis toda vez.
Em questão a voz que fica enquanto não pulamos do avião poderia nos dar a opção de tirar, muitas vezes atrapalha na hora de ouvir os parceiros.
Author: XxJoseYT    Time: 2018-9-11 13:50
hola quisiera las salas privadas  del juego
Author: spokeyboy    Time: 2018-9-11 15:15
please add edit to the building that i build and add doors and replace the distraction to hammer and the is problem when i have my shield full and i don't have the magic box i can't takes shield reserve so if you can put the shield ready on the magic box and when i use the shield the magic box disappears with the shield
Author: xX_Diih_Xx    Time: 2018-9-11 15:40
Nome no Jogo:xX_Diih_Xx
ID (clique Avatar): 10102520
Servidor: US
Pergunta / Sugestão:

Pergunta: 1- Ao lançar o servidor AL, será possivel migrar a conta do US para AL? Pois sabemos que alguns chegou comprar diamantes (inclusive eu) que não gostaria de perder tudo ao começar o servidor AL...
Pergunta: 2- Que tal fazerem eventos valendo Diamantes? Ou, atualizar o bau ter mais itens para gastar com moedas douradas?
Sugestão: 1 - Seria interessante se vocês nessa temporada, dar recompensas dependendo dos "elos" das pessoas, um traje, moedas, etc...
Sugestão: 2 - Bem que vocês poderia aumentar o dano canhão portatil para dar mais dano em suas próprias construções, ou dar um bonus a mais dependendo da cada portatil diferente...
Sugestão: 3 - Acrescentar mais itens... tipo: fumaça em saltos do avião, estrelas, fogo, uma animação diferente...
Sugestão: 4 - Colocar mais danças diferentes... danças que podem ser compradas com moedas de ouro, estrela e diamante....

Tem muitas sugestão iguais aos outros no forúm, não vou ficar repetindo eles, porem, essas foram umas ideias que tive....
Author: Eliman1YT    Time: 2018-9-11 16:24
In-Game-Name: Eliman1YT
ID (Click Avatar): 11442198
Server: US Mobile
Question/Suggestion: I have one question and one suggestion So I'll start with the question.... Do the devs plan on implementing skins that have animated effects more often?? (An example of this would be the Toy Rifle skin in the season pass that has a glowing rotating piece on the barrel of the rifle..)

My one suggestion is implementing a system on the Mobile devices that actually checks the games files for any sort of alterations. There are to many people on mobile getting banned for silly reasons such as false report claims or connection issues or poor optimizations on certain phones... you would see a significant decrease in false bans if such a system was in place that when a report was received on a player that the game checks that players installed game files and then only bans after it finds hacked files/altered files etc. I don't know if it's possible but I would thoroughly support a system like this instead of solely relying on an in-game report button
Author: AkiraRyuuYT    Time: 2018-9-11 17:28

IGN: AkiraRyuuYT
ID:  10303419
SERVER: US server

1 sacaran un servidor latino?
2 tienen pensado eventos y cambios al mapa en diferentes actualizaciones?
3 haran torneos en PC?
4 ya tengo las skins que daran por llegar a lvl 100 que me daran a cambio?

1 Importante que ataquen a los hackers, un día después de cada actualización me encuentro 5 o mas  y no es nada divertido seguir
2 mejoren las recompensas de GREMIO , lo que dan no es satisfactorio para incentivar jugar con ellos
3 coloquen recompensas exclusivas ya sea trajes o skins de armas por ser bueno , por tener tal nivel o matar tantos con cierta Arma
4 seria bueno skins con mejoras de accesorios únicos hasta completar una skin al 100 ya sea capa mascara , armadura pero de la misma skin que se pueda poner sobre ella para hacerla mas espectacular
5 arreglen el efecto de tiro donde disparan y te cubres con una pared o detrás de algo y aun así la bala llega a dar, no parece justo matar o que te matan si te has cubierto
6 añadir movilidad es muy importante en este juego carros , trampolines , super velocidad consumible etc
7 gustaria karts de carrera o motos 4x4 que implementen
8 modifiquen las ciudades para que cada una tenga algo importante, monumentos personajes etc o mas pisos en cada edificio, habitaciones etc, hacer el mapa mas complejo en el mismo espacio
9 estelas cuando caes seria bueno decoraciones estéticas
10 que los bosques sean mas frondosos

Author: ZombyBox    Time: 2018-9-11 18:05
ID (Click Avatar):10091295
Server: AL
At some point do you intend to change the destroyer?

Why do not you put all the modes already released so that we can play at any moment instead of 1 at a time so if we get bored one way we would play the others?

Besides the platform Pc, android, and IOS intend to release to others? Ex: Ps4, Xbox One

Why do not you play tournaments under the age of 18 with prizes for things in the game? Ex: diamonds, skins, stellar coins.


The construction issue

Doors in houses

But detailed the houses

Home furniture

An arc different from what you already have ex: with explosives.

More places on the map because it is very lipo or trees to be able to stay a little more full of things, houses.

The texture of buildings in Mobile as well as the PC more beautiful

More things on the Battle Pass increasing the odds of buying, being able to get at least 60% of the diamonds again to think I'm going to spend now and next I'm going to spend less, but we're going to spend the same way.

Being able to put traps not only on the floor but on the wall and up to the roof

Can choose which dance to use in matches (add more as well)

Add different steps

Free a game mode to play with friends or with your own squad

Reforsando putting furniture in the houses

Another type of construction just like it has a different one in the picture of the game in the play store

A trap that makes the opponent dance when he is in it

Some kind of punishment for players who drop out mid-game or

To be able to edit the written sentences ready

A tab in the game for suggestions

It is

I hope I have helped even though I can not make purchases in the game to buy the battle ticket. I hope to help with my opinion and suggestion. I hope you answer my questions, if anything, just call in the messages of the game that I will be in case I prexise my email:
Author: SAGITREX    Time: 2018-9-11 19:10
Nombre del juego: SAGITREX
Servidor: E.E.U.U
Pregunta:Aran Multiplataforma osea un server específico para multiplataforma ? Y agregarían Servers para Centroamérica
Sugerenciaeberían poner automóviles Pero no como los anteriores. Que sean que tu los encuentres y lo manejes.
Sugerencia 2:Tienen que poner un sistema "ANTI HACK" los hackers arruinan los juegos Como rules Of survival
Author: gabogamer500    Time: 2018-9-11 23:42
IGN: Gabogamer500
ID: 10064489
Server: AS
Plataform: Android

Pregunta: Se agregaran más armas legendarias?
Se bajarán niveles de daño en algunas armas?

- Bajar un poco las escopetas
- Eliminar el lanzallamas legendario (me parece algo innecesario)
- Eliminar Arco legendario (También algo innecesario)
-Agregar nuevas trampas para que se haga más común su uso.

Author: PrinceBlack    Time: 2018-9-12 06:23
Nombre en juego: PrinceBlack
ID: 10252508
Servidor: Latam
Sugerencia: Se podrían crear eventos semanales o mensuales para conseguir diamantes sin necesidad de comprarlos o tener que participar en las partidas con los DJ. Podrian ser varios retos o una especie de torneo para conseguir algunos diamantes o trajes.
Author: Anasagz    Time: 2018-9-12 07:41
Nombre en el juego: (KING) ANAS
ID: 10105978
Sercidor del juego: ee.uu
Sugerencia: Hola me gustaría que pusieran el las casas más muebles y cosas para destruir para que no se quede tan vacía y también me gustaría que de vez en cuando regalen unas cuantas gemas para que pudiésemos comprar cosas.
Author: Anasagz    Time: 2018-9-12 07:42
Anasagz replied at 2018-9-12 07:41
Nombre en el juego: (KING) ANAS
ID: 10105978
Sercidor del juego: ee.uu

Perdón en el id quería poner 10105979

Author: AbdelrhmanReda7    Time: 2018-9-12 08:57
Name : J1
ID : 10154486
Server : MED
Question/Suggestion :  Add Mode 50 Vs 50 And All It All The Time
Make Special Boxs For WinnerS (Solo ,Duo , Squad )
Can choose which dance to use in matches (add more as well)
Doors in houses.
Author: Hes|LuisG☣    Time: 2018-9-12 11:57
English version:

Name: HeS | LuisG☣
Id: 10001372
Server: USA
My Question: Do you think to optimize a little more servers? Do you intend to make tournaments More mobile tournaments? Do you intend to implement a FREE Way to Get Diamonds?

Suggestion: They should add a way to get costumes and camouflage with gold and stars or get them for FREE.

Version español:

Nombre: HeS |LuisG☣
Id: 10001372
Servidor: EEUU
Mi Pregunta: ¿Piensan Optimizar Un Poco Mas Los Servidores? ¿Pretenden Hacer Torneos Mas Torneos De Movil? ¿Prentenden Implementar Una Forma de Conseguir Diamantes GRATIS?

Sugerencia: Deberian Añadir Forma de Conseguir Trajes y Camuflajes Con Oro y Estrellas o Conseguirlos GRATIS.
Author: SlapTitanYT    Time: 2018-9-12 12:09
Nombre en juego: SlapTitanYT
ID: 10003740
Servidor: EEUU
-Mi sugerencia parte de la necesidad de escapar de nuestra propia construccion, se hace necesario una opcion que nos permite editar nuestra construccion, por lo menos que nos permita cambiar la forma o quitar y poner la construccion, seria muy util.
-se agradece mucho la optimizacion de los servidores, sobre todo donde juego yo.
-Seria bueno tambien muy importante que las casas tuvieran puertas esto estaria genial.
-Para algunas personas le es muy complicado conseguir articulos, por lo que estaria bien conseguir diamentes de alguna forma gratis de ves en cuanto.
-La distancia del punto seria bueno que se pueda visualizar en la brujula y no necesariamente al abrir el mapa.
-La velocidad de contruccion podria ser mas rapida lo que permite un mejor gameplay.
-La contruccion con clic sostenido es una buena opcion.

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