Title: Playing aggresive [Print this page]

Author: vytkQ    Time: 2018-7-11 06:47
Title: Playing aggresive
Edited by Moa at 2018-7-31 00:18

If you players want to play good, I recommend playing aggresive but don't forget your loot!

Author: Lambito    Time: 2018-7-11 14:34
Thanks you for recomendation.
Author: SouFake    Time: 2018-7-11 18:31
Hide is the best option for professionals
Author: TTVNoPing420    Time: 2018-7-13 20:40
I play super aggressive and even ramp wall i usually get around 14+ kills per game and win.
Author: JFelix    Time: 2018-7-13 21:15
focus to the ramps
Author: sedreyisti    Time: 2021-2-22 02:37
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