Title: Skins/Clothes not showing up in game [Print this page]

Author: Stepan    Time: 2019-12-24 07:49
Title: Skins/Clothes not showing up in game
All the shirts/shorts, trousers, hats, glasses, everything is just gone when i start the game. Im setting my champion up, and when i start a game, it looks as the basic one. In lobby, i can see my skin/hat etc, but when the actual game starts, then rip.

Author: Stepan    Time: 2019-12-24 11:27
By the way i tried to reinstall the game, still same problem.
Author: AustinGoddard    Time: 2020-9-23 22:32
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Author: Geords    Time: 2020-9-23 22:39
Edited by Geords at 2020-9-23 22:40

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Author: ChenDirit    Time: 2021-6-3 01:32
I also had that bug, some time ago, but it's commonly caused by a bad internet connection.
Author: BrotPumit    Time: 2021-6-3 02:28
Edited by BrotPumit at 2021-6-24 02:31

I have had this problem when I started playing CS: GO on my old computer. I would try to buy skinsfor my guns and I would not able to see the skins in the shop. I thought there was a problem with the PC that I had or with my Internet connection so I first tried to buy a new router and establish a better connection. I had seven ping and I still was not able to see the skins, so I tried uninstalling and installing CS: GO again but it didn't work too. After some time I bought a new PC and it started working again.

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