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[EN] [Panda Tutorials] Part 4 - Combat and Gameplay Tips

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Part 4

Combat and Gameplay Tips

We're done with the basic stuffs and info from the previous posts.

Time for some actual tips.

Tip # 1

This is something that I have previously said and I think this also deserves to be here.

When fighting someone, and you ran out of bullets on your rifle or whatever you are using.

It's better to switch to another gun than to reload. Especially on 1-v-1 face-to-face situations

where both of you don't have any walls and are just exchanging fires.

(reloading takes atleast 2-3 seconds and switching to another gun only takes an instant)
(you could easily pop someone while they are reloading or vice versa, they could kill you while reloading)

Tip #2

Sometimes, in battle, it's best to know when to back off a situation.
when you are battling someone, example in a 1-v-1 situation where you're close with each other.  
and you got hit multiple times, you'll most likely end up with less hp and no shield.

What to do?

Build multiple walls in front of you, create something like a maze to confuse your enemies. (practice will make it better)
heal yourself and maybe even consume a shield if you have one
then try again.

Don't be one of those spartans who rush in to someone elses wall with half hp

Tip # 3

Always look at the Map and Compass Bar

So you'll know if an enemy is around or to know where the gunshots are coming from.

And to know if you're outside the safe zone.

Don't need much explanation.

Tip # 4

Supply Crates are good but don't rush in just yet!

If you see a supply crate dropping near you, hide first then wait.

There is a good chance you're not the only one who saw it and someone else is on their way.

This is a good way to ambush someone or prevent someone from catching you off-guard while looting

( or you can build a wall around it while looting)

Tip # 5

Custom Quick Build (very helpfull)

This gives me double layer protective wall in the front (1st layer - vertical wall, 2nd layer - ramp)

and gives me an upperhand being on top.

cons for this, you wont have wall protection on your side

but you'll always be facing your enemy anyway.

Tip # 6

Don't wear Hats

~ End of Part 4 ~

Part 5 - Better Keyboard Controls / Keybinds

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