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[New] Answers from Dev Q/A!!

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The Landlord
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Dear Explorers, you had questions and we got answers!

Below are some of the responses we got from the previous week's Q/A Session.



Q1: How do you Balance Weapons in Creative Destruction?
A: We are constantly observing player and weapon data to examine the damage efficiency and usage rate. While some weapons, such as the AK47 and Uzi are capable of dropping some heavy fire on enemies, the data shows no significant impact on it being overpowered or affecting how weapons are chosen for different situations.

Q2: Please give us More Skins and Dance Moves!
A: Creative Destruction has a wide fan base that spans multiple countries. We really want to make sure we design Looks that players will enjoy and will run smoothly on different devices. This does take time, but no worries, we are working quickly on getting these designs to you as soon as possible.

Q3: Are there any plans for account sharing across servers?
A: We will consider to support cross-server login in the future. If there is anymore news, we will definitly inform you via our social media platforms!


Q1: (™TC JHON) : Deben poner un detector de hack cómo lo hacen otros juegos por favor ahy muchas gente que ase trampa areglen eso por favor. (How do you deal with hackers?)

A: This is definitly one of our top priorities. We'll continue releasing updates to our anti-cheating measures to help guarantee fair play for players! Please help us identify hackers by reporting them via in-game.


A:  The player named NinjaAfricano was confirmed as a hacker and promptly banned. We want to restate our committement to providing a fair environment to players, that cheating will not be tolerated, and to please assist us in doing this by reporting anyone suspected of cheating within the game.

Q3: (Catwaii) : Add a LATAM Server

A: While we currently have the LATAM Server for Mobile, there are no current plans for doing the same with PC.

Q4: When new updates will come? And plz add more maps

A: Yes, we are excited to say that a new map is currently under development, while we cannot release anymore details, we can say it will be finished very soon!

Q5: (ItsGabe) : (Suggestions)...

3) Weapon
I think it would be cool if you guys could add a new sniper to the game something heavy is a 1-shot kill

6) Item
Could you guys add a paddle boat that spawns in west lake, it would be good if you need to get out of the storm and it will be great to have fun
with the squad on it.

A: There are a lot of great ideas here, however, we have released some of these functions already. Also, some of these questions have already been answered above.

3. The game has Golden WP for the job. If we introduce another Sniper Rifle, it would come with some other special abilities. Please stay tuned for future updates.

6. While boats would not work well within the current map or modes, we are definitly considering some other types of transportation in our future plans!

Q6: (DJHammer) : I Imagined this very enjoying "Invasion Mode"

-The Alien Spitter monsters! I created a 3D model of it see the picture below.
- Same Aurora Valley with capacity of 100 Players.
-Everytime you  killed an Alien monster gives random reward Level UP EXP, Gold Coins or Star Coins each monster spawns randomly anywhere in the Map..
-The monsters has Rarity type similar to weapons they are glowing like Green/Blue/Purple/Orange the higher the Rarity of monster the harder it is and the better the drop reward...

A:  It sounds like a pretty cool mode, we are open to any ideas which can increase the fun factor for players. We like the idea of an ""Invasion Mode"" which could help create a survival shooter experience.

However, we are mainly focused on PvP Modes where players can cooperate and compete against others. A pure PvE mode would lower interaction between players and is not in the immediate plans.

We definitly love the amazing ideas and will continue to listen to our players!

Q7: (aldozilentYT) : Soy youtuber y me gustaría saber como pudiera contactarlos para ver si pueden prestar salas privadas para asi la audiencia tener una mejor afinidad en el juego y poder promocionar mas el juego. (I'm a YouTuber that would like to work with CD & help promote the game.)

A:  We believe one of our Community Staff has already reached out to you. However, just to note, if you are good at the game and often share your gameplay online, we are happy to support you in multiple ways. Please do not hestitate to contact us at

Q8: (N/A) : Ability to use additonal keys of mouse?

A: Currently only left and right click actions are supported with custom keys, however we will consider expanding this in the future.

Q9: (Akilliz) : Change the placement of last circles?

A: Changing the way of circle-closing is an exciting idea. But we are considering to bring more dynamic mechanisms into the end game. Please stay tuned for our update!

Q10: (ElmaTageis) : ¿Pondran algunos diseños de los skins que mandaron los jugadores? (Can you include some player designed skins in Creative Destruction?)

A: We're definitely considering letting players design skin even modes for our game. We'll launch these activities soon. Please keep an eye on our official forum and Facebook page @CreativeDestructiongame.

Q11: (Son-Goku) : Vocês poderiam diminuir o tempo de coleta dependendo do material (More fast paced gameplay?)

A: We also agree that faster-paced gameplay is more appealing. Reducing the looting time is one way to do this. Three Forces Mode and the upcoming Quick Mode will also help quicken gameplay. We of course are still open to more ideas for keeping players on their toes though :p

Q12: (Патрuк) : ► Здравствуйте, впервые хочу сказать огромное спасибо разработчикам игры!) Игра просто огонь. А теперь немного о моих идеях... (Will you introduce Guild Tournaments?)

A: We are also not satisfied with how the guild function currently works. We would like to introduce some more ways for guild members to interact with each other through activities and some events. Stay Tuned!

Q13 : (MiDoRiYa) : eu gostaria muito que tivesse skins próprias no jogo (que não seja trajes) (I'd like to have skins of my own in the game)
A:We've launched a Content Creator Program called C.D. Nova.

This program provides various benefits to Influencers, Streamers, and Top Players. We encourage players capable of sharing their experience and love for CD to join us in creating a better Creative Destruction for everyone!

Q14 : (Akilliz) : Halloween themed outfit and skins for October would be awesome. Werewolves, vampires, frankenstein, jack'o lanterns. Maybe a design competition and the winners idea gets to be in game (Will we have Halloween themed outfits?)

A: We have some pretty sick Halloween themed outfits. Hope you guys enjoy them.

The following are the Lucky Winners from the Dev Q/A:
TLCGamingYT , ZeeTorrez , RafaelNobre , INSANEE , Eliman1YT , Jack_YT , kareemman00 , VincenT , TheMatys , Патрuк , Akilliz , Yormi , ShawarmaExpress , KevinvalerioG

Thank-you for all your support!

-CD Developers & Community Team


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