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[New] Dev Q/A! (Rewards!)

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The Landlord
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Ask The Developers Questions for Rewards!

When will that new blaster be available? How about new game modes?

Just Reply Below with your Questions & Win Rewards!

-->Check the Requirements BEFORE Replying<--

[Q/A Time]
Sept. 10th ~ Sept. 23rd


1. Please Reply in the following way...

ID (Click Avatar):

2. After the event we will Send rewards & provide the answers given by the Devs!

>>300 Star Coins to 10% of the number of valid questions submitted!<<

【Note】Prizes will be sent out within a week after the end of the Event.
【Note 2】The replies are ordered by date in descending

Good Luck Explorers!

-C.D. Community Team

Special Note: Big Thanks to Forum Moderator - Bykalakhd for providing the images

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The Landlord
Post time 2018-9-19 16:17:10 | Show all posts
In-Game-Name: Calmon_
ID: 10264094
Server: US (PC)
1) In an eventual future LATAM server, I as a US-server player, can I play with the same account and take with me items, information and statistics? If the answer is "no," could you review this? Because I believe that many players want to be able to choose any server using the same account.

2) I really want to play on Steam with my friends, maybe the devs can mix all players/accounts or create a tool to transfer infos to STEAM-server?

3) Make the CD on Stem free-to-play, give diamonds to all players who bougth the game and migrate users to there. I believe this increase the number of players who'll play the game.

3) Add a way to send itens to friends like a gift.

4) Add more dances

5) Add more itens to buy with my coins or stars. Actually its very expensive and a just little options to choose.

6) In the looby, separate all players in 4 group around the map, like the PUBG to decrease the lag. Maybe remove all the weapons to help it.

7) Add replay at end of each game. We, content creators really like it.

8) A way to win diamonds "free", like the freepass. There a lot of levels and no rewards.

9) Season pass free have a lot of free slots and no rewards, maybe more "gold" or "stars" its a good idea.

10) A way to buy old sets like the Summer. I really like the female version of it, but its later to buy.

11) A way to change profile avatar.

12) More options of things to buy like acessories: beard, tatoos, hair color, etc

13) New weapon: M4a1, M16, M24

14) New consumable: An item that gives/restores HP or Shield for 30~60 seconds

15) New consumable: An item that reduces the player's gravity, helping to jump higher than normal.

16) New consumable: And item tha increases movespeed.

17) New item in game to build: A gadget (backpack update) that increase your inventory space in +1/+2/+3

18) Re-edit the Quickbuild:
Actually, when F5 is pressed, the character build Bastion with 4 pieces. My suggestion is for every level of builder, the bastion have +1 piece and we can edit in main menu.

1) 3 pieces
2) 4 pieces
3) 5 pieces
4) 6 pieces
5) 7 pieces

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